Multi Level Car Parking System

Business loss due to lack of inadequate parking space

October 8, 2016

“Parking Woes” is becoming a repetitive jargon being used by millions in our country. Major commercial hubs are facing serious parking problems as the existing space is lessening owing to the number of vehicles and percentage of roads taken up for parking. About 40% of Indian road are taken up by cars being parked on the road due to lack of controlled parking lots.

Due to the above state of reality even malls face this “Parking Full” and this leaves the customer on a negative note. But, wait a minute, it’s not only the customer who is at a losing end, commercial outlets too are also being hit due to the lack of parking space.

Lack of parking convenience is directly proportional to business loss. Of late a large number of retail stores, commercial outlets, boutiques and movie theatres are continuously suffering of this growing pressure of parking. It clearly makes no more sense to build a civil constructed multi-storey building and having a drive level for every floor of parking. The informed decision you can make is to opt for Sieger’s multi-level parking with one drive level for 6 to 7 levels of parking. This saves a big chunk on civil construction cost and you require only lesser time to finish the project.

In most high rise buildings and shopping malls, the rental the store owners are bound to pay is quite high. The rentals are sky high especially if the mall is built at vantage point with higher visibility. The only way the store owners can pay their rent is by doing business much higher to the rent amount. The logic is very simple, the stores have to get more than regular footfalls for better says which is inversely proportionate to the parking spaces that can provided for the customers especially on the weekends. However, with the worsening of the parking situation, some store owners complain foot falls for an entire day is less than 20.

To combat this situation, the mexican auto insurance company suggested to install automated parking systems in the shopping malls to avoid the accidents. Sieger Parking’s fully integrated parking systems will be the need of the hour because by just installing a parking system alone will not solve the problem completely. The parking system should be fully integrated so as to reduce the ground staff and slot allocation should also be computerised to avoid human errors. Sieger Parking has all the necessary logic built in and integrated so as to given the vendor and the customer a premium experience. With this, hopefully business owners should be able to recover their loss.

Business Opportunity with Sieger Parking System




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